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Promoting JVZoo Products as an Affiliate

Promoting JVZoo affiliate products is a very specific type of affiliate marketing. There is one major way of promoting those products that many affiliate marketing are using right now. I will do my best to outline this strategy for you to implement into your business.

Step 1 - First you need to create your free account on JVZoo.This part is very easy and you are accepted right away.

Step 2 - You will want to stay up to date with all of the upcoming product launches. It is important that you are one of the first to promote recently launched products since these products seem to be very overpromoted. You can view upcoming product launches on jvzoo by using websites like muncheye.com

Step 3 - You will want to make sure that you gain access to the products so that you can review them. You will need to reach out to the product creators and ask them for a review product. To increase the chance of them actually giving you a review product you will need to prove to them that you are the real deal and that you actually have a funnel and strategy ready for you to start sending them customers. Once you start making sales and building lists it will be a lot easier to entice product creators to give you review access to their products.

Step 4 - You will need to actually review the product. The best strategy is to create a video of you promoting the product themselves.Check out my My YouTube Channel First cover what comes with the product, talk about why you think the product is worth buying, tell them about the bonuses the product creator is giving them when they purchase, and lastly tell them about the bonuses you are going to give them if they buy from your link

Step 5 - Create bonuses for the customers that buy from your link. This is the absolute most important step of the entire process. There is literally hundreds of people promoting the same JVZoo products and the only way you are going to get people to buy using your link is by giving them a reason to do so. The way you do that is by giving them awesome bonuses for buying from your link. You can do this by doing competition research and determining what kind of bonuses your competition is giving away.
Build bonuses similar to those and try to make as many as possible. A lot of times people only buy JVZoo products specifically for the bonuses they are offered. You can also go the easier route by purchases PLR products and offer those as bonuses,
You want to make sure you don't do this forever since this strategy is becoming well known and a lot of people will know when you are giving them a PLR product versus a unique bonus.Or check out Mike Cheney's bigcommissionsbonusbank below

Step 6 - Continue to do this for every upcoming product. Keep an eye on the upcoming launches so you can be ready to start reviewing and promoting that product.

Step 7 ( Super Affiliate Strategy ) - If you want to be an super affiliate marketer it is important that you start building your email list. You will hear it hundreds of times that the money is in the list. You can start building your list using this strategy by simply telling your customer that they will receive their bonus only when they purchase the product and then fill out a form with their coupon code link. The form will be linked to your autoresponder account and will have an automatic reply sending them a link with the bonus download page. I use zapier.com for this

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