GVO Gotbackup Review

The best cloud based backup service online, with affiliate earning programme

You Need Gotbackup

 Here are just a few of the reasons you want to be in on this:

It's run by GVO one of the premier online hosting and data companies with a great reputation in the Internet Marketing World.

I have been successfully using GVO as my website host and marketing partner for over 18 years at http://homebusinesszone.co.uk
and in that time I have seen them go from strength to strength and my commissions grow greater each month.

We all need a good backup security but how many actually do  and it's only $7.99/month for 1 device with currently a $1 trial offer. 

In 2016 only 7% of people used online backup.

Today 24% are and by 2018, 36% of consumers are expected to be using cloud storage and backup. so this is an on-trend product and a great time to promote it.

 This is the first company to offer 100% commissions on cloud based backup

14% of home computer users will lose data in the next year due to no fault of their own

This is the very first true consumer product that every person needs who owns a mobile device like an iphone, ipad or android and/ or a home computer or laptop.

www.youneedgotbackup.com is where you can trial this amazing cloud based, set and forget, unlimited storage ,constantly working in the background backing up your data on your systems .

As a keen amateur Photographer I have had this since it started and I have found it an invaluable tool to be able to access my full resolution photos anywhere in the world and it is incredibly easy to install and use and once shown to others it's easy to sell

Watch this video showing how the product works

youneedgotbackup.com price offers
start youneedgotbackup.com for $1


Like all their programmes GVO have have put together the most amazing and completely done for you marketing system for Gotbackup and you can get a Reseller Licence for only $19.95/mth

It is also part of the PureLeverage suite ,so if you belong to that it's only $19.95 to resell everything .

The Website is incredible and lead generation tools are simple and done for you!
The product is in high demand by consumers and is very simple to understand and use as it's true set and forget technology

Watch this video showing the done for you marketing plan

As the video shows ,you can invite customers directly to the ever growing facebook group using your affiliate link

gotbackup facebook group

Or, You can use landing pages to move prospects into your income funnel lead capture page ,where you can email them with more information

gotbackup facebook group

The compensation plan is extremely lucrative!

Watch this video showing the Compensation Plan

Listen.. I could go on and on on how HUGE this is going to be.

At this point you either see or don't see the opportunity. If you do see it!! then click the banner below and let's get you started earning today

start youneedgotbackup.com for $1

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